Nilaya Sabnis by Djeneba

I am an Indian-American photographer, dancer and storyteller. Currently based in LA, I work globally as a documentary and portrait photographer who derives joy in providing femxle-identifying entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs of color, and indigenous wisdom keepers with visual storytelling that aims to amplify their authentic voices and support their impact in the world.


It was during my years as a professional touring dancer, surrounded and influenced by some of the most powerful creative minds in the industry, that I picked up a camera to document my experiences backstage around the world, and discovered my love of visual storytelling. When dance shifted into my soul's work, photography very quickly became my career. 


I believe the unadorned truth is the most beautiful. In my ongoing work as both photographer and dancer, my aim is to get out of the way and stay in service to what the moment is asking, to allow that unadorned truth to manifest not only in me, but in the people I work with. My desire is to help give rise to a world in which the true shapes of our souls are set free.