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I came out of the womb dancing, and began classically training at the age of 3. Dance consumed my entire life outside of school work, and I happily gave myself to it. I trained in Bharatanatyam Indian classical dance with guru G. V. Ramani in Mumbai; in ballet, pointe, Horton, and Graham techniques at the Alvin Ailey School in NYC; and in dance as performance art and healing with Gabrielle Roth. After college, I found myself living a dream I hadn't believed was available to me, a nerdy Indian girl from the suburbs, dancing in modern dance companies in NYC and then around the world on tour with Cirque du Soleil, Madonna, and A.R. Rahman. After a decade on the road, I left the commercial dance industry to deepen my personal relationship with dance as a spiritual practice. These days I perform as an act of service. Most recently I was invited to dance a prayer for our oceans at the UN reception for World Oceans Day, and to perform a dance in honor of our fallen brothers and sisters to benefit The Research Foundation To Cure AIDS. 

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