If you have some time and feel like knowing a bit more about who's holding the camera: 

I came out of the womb dancing, so my folks put me in ballet class when I was 3, and I was like a fish in water. For the rest of my youth, dance consumed every waking moment outside of school work, and I happily gave myself to it. I studied ballet, tap, jazz, and theater dance in the States during the school year and Bharatanatyam when we went to live with our family in India for the summertime.


After graduating from college with plans to officially grow up and put my hobby behind me, it turns out I couldn't stop dancing, and I was accepted to train in the summer program at the Alvin Ailey School in NYC. That summer turned into 3 years, and I eventually found myself living a dream I never thought possible for me, a dutiful daughter of Indian immigrants—being the creative assistant to a groundbreaking artist, philosopher and mother of the conscious dance movement, Gabrielle Roth, in between gigs as a professional touring dancer for Madonna, Cirque du Soleil, and A.R. Rahman. It was during these years, in total awe of what life could be, and surrounded and influenced by some of the most powerful, creative minds in the industry, that I picked up a camera to document every wondrous, spandex-covered moment backstage around the world, and discovered my love of visual storytelling.

I spent the next 10 years on the road maxing out on adrenaline and pushing my muscles and bones past their limits until I burned out and left the commercial dance industry to follow a quiet calling from within to explore my personal relationship with dance as an expression of spirit and vehicle for individual and societal healing. This was when I turned my love for photography into my career and my relationship with dance into my soul’s playground.


These days I mostly dance alone in the sea and in remote canyons and forests, listening and learning from the natural world. When I do perform onstage now, I do so in service. I was honored to be invited to dance a prayer for our oceans at the United Nations reception for World Oceans Day in New York City, and to perform a duet in honor of our fallen brothers and sisters to benefit the Research Foundation to Cure AIDS.


Dance is the river of life that animates and informs everything I do. 

As a portrait photographer, I've worked with everyone from professional actors and performers who've spent their lives studying the art of expression for an audience, to people who have never been in front of a camera for whom being witnessed is a new and vulnerable experience. Each of us is entirely unique in the way we interact with ourselves, with life and with the space around us. Each of us has our own story, our own signature style of being. Each of us requires something different to feel safe. My job is to meet my clients exactly where they are, with open-hearted curiosity, to listen between the lines to what can only be felt, and to let my intuition guide me toward creating a space that is safe and inspiring enough for us both to soften, let our essence shine, and let our innate creativity have its way with us. Every session is a moment of creative collaboration, and an act of discovery. 

To see and to feel, and to translate what I sense into pieces of art that can further spread their light to the world. 



of incredible people who are working so hard in so many ways to help humanity thrive—from healthcare professionals healing the wounded in hospitals, to yoga and meditation teachers increasing wellness in their communities, to artists shaping our world with their voices, to independent businesses and nonprofit organizations driven by a mission to serve.

I remain in awe of the unscripted transformations that so often unfold, both subtle and profound, during one-on-one portrait photography sessions.  in which the person in front of me, in their internal process of finding the courage to be seen, is granted calm, creative space to relax deeper into unexplored corners of themselves and radiate their innate, natural beauty from the power they find there.

Each one of us is an endlessly fascinating and constantly emerging mystery, most especially to ourselves.

I am a certified teacher of the 5Rhythms Waves® movement meditation practice, continuing in the lineage of Gabrielle Roth, my beloved mentor and mother of the conscious dance movement, whom I served as creative assistant and artistic ally for the last decade of her life. I'm grateful to be able to offer classes globally in the ground level of Gabrielle's profoundly transformative body of work, wherever my travels take me.


I believe that the unadorned truth is the most beautiful. The uncensored person is divine. That we exist to discover who we are, and who we are is constantly changing. A dance.

In my ongoing work in both photography and dance, my aim is to get out of the way and stay in service to what the moment is asking, and to give rise to a world in which the shapes of our souls are set free. 

Thank you for your time.

I'd love to learn more about what drives you,

and I would love the opportunity to help you share your essence with the world. The world needs you.