Shreyaa Venkat is only a senior in high school, but her volunteering days trace back to fifth grade, when she first discovered a great passion for service. When Shreyaa noticed all of the food that was going to waste each day in her school cafeteria, she founded NEST4US, a non-profit with a mission to reduce food waste and feed the hungry. By partnering with local shelters and food banks, NEST4US nurtures both the community and its team of volunteers. Additionally, the organization advocates for zero waste and environmental protection through its social media platforms. To date, NEST4US has served over 12,000 homeless people in the DC area. NEST regularly sponsors and serves meals at 13 local shelters, and runs a free tutoring program designed to help low-income kids in 19 local schools. NEST Kares, an offshoot of the organization, collects school supplies for at-risk kids, makes blessing bags for the homeless, and provides disaster relief assistance. NEST4US grew from a small project to an impactful organization with over 450 dedicated volunteers – and through her work with the non-profit, Shreyaa is hopeful that more teenagers will look at the world in different ways to realize the life changing value in volunteering and giving back to others.